Relocation Services

A Smooth Data Center Migration

Mindtree Infotech Offers offers relocation services, moving several pieces of equipment to a different site or moving entire systems to a collocation facility at a considerable cost savings than similar services from the OEM.

Our Experienced Engineer Team examine Equipment relocation includes:

Determining value and insurance level requirements of the equipment

  Examination of loading and unloading capabilities at both the originating and destination sites

Disconnecting and de-installation of the equipment from the network

Packaging, loading and transportation of equipment

Reinstallation of the equipment including securing any and all loose hardware

Verifying, labeling and tightening of all connections

Reallocation of the existing data center’s operating ecosystem to a different location or environment is considered as data center migration. The process of migration of the existing data center is marked by in-depth planning by considering a comprehensive list of logical as well as operational factors before actual movement of the components such as hardware equipment. Our Experienced Engineeing Team will take care of verything.